New Roof Construction

At Stewart Roofing, we understand the importance of developing healthy collaborative relationships with construction industry partners.

New Roof Construction, Builders looking to install high-quality initial roofs on residential, commercial or industrial properties on budget and on time, can look to Stewart Roofing Ltd. to provide a full range of roofing installations with the option of unsurpassed warranties not usually associated with new roof construction.

Whether you are building one home or one hundred and installing a shingle roof or flat roof, Stewart Roofing has the management, administration and installation personnel with the skills and experience to meet all your roofing installation needs.


We are a professional roofing operation from new roof construction to maintenance and repairs, and a trusted name in the market.


With full 50-year warranties on our asphalt shingle roofing installations, reliable roofing professionals responsible for the installation of your roof and a name recognized across the area, Stewart Roofing Ltd Ottawa is your best choice for residential, commercial and industrial roofing. Call us and let’s see how we can help!



We look forward to roofing you.