The Ice and Snow Dance: How Ottawa Roofs Handle Winter

Winter in Ottawa brings harsh weather conditions, including heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. During this time, the roofs of homes and buildings face the challenge of bearing the weightOttawa Roofs. Roof Collapsed Under The Weight Of Snow. of ice and snow. 

In this blog, we will explore how Ottawa Roofs handle winter and the measures professional roofing companies like Stewart Roofing take to ensure roofs’ structural integrity and functionality throughout the season.

Ottawa winters are known for their frigid temperatures, snowfall, and ice buildup. These weather conditions can wreak havoc on buildings, especially their roofs. 

To keep homes and businesses safe and comfortable during the winter, it is essential to make sure that roofs are equipped to handle the elements.

Quality Materials For Ottawa Roofs

One of the key factors in ensuring the resilience of Ottawa Roofs during winter is the use of quality materials. Ottawa’s trusted roofing company, Stewart Roofing, understands the importance of top-quality products. 

By working with reputable brands like Owens Corning and CertainTeed, they ensure that their shingles, flashing accessories, and installation supplies are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Choosing high-quality roofing materials is essential in preventing roof damage. For example, using premium-grade shingles that are impact-resistant and made to handle freezing conditions, like Owens Corning Duration Storm, can shield your roof from damage caused by snow and ice. 

This type of shingle resists cracking due to a special additive in the material that helps improve its flexibility. Additionally, CertainTeed Weather Bond, another high-quality asphalt shingle, features a thick fibreglass base layer, ensuring its ability to stand against freezing temperatures.

Professional Installation

The expertise and craftsmanship of the roofing installation crew play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of Ottawa roofs. Stewart Roofing prides itself on having the best roofing installation crew in Ottawa. 

Their trained professionals are dedicated to delivering the best service, ensuring that roofs are installed correctly to handle the challenges of winter.

Skilled roofing professionals understand that proper roof installation involves taking measures to make the roof stand up against ice and snow. This can include a sealing membrane on the roof deck that prevents ice water penetration and a special adhesive at the eaves, creating a watertight layer. 

These adhesives ensure the roof remains free from water infiltration that can cause major damage to the home’s interior. Proper installation techniques put the business or homeowner in a better position to handle any unexpected weather events.

Effective Insulation

Proper insulation is essential for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home during winter. Stewart Insulation, a division of Stewart Roofing, specializes in top-quality insulation installation in all types of buildings. 

Their highly skilled team ensures that homes and buildings are well-insulated, preventing heat loss and forming a protective barrier against the icy cold temperatures.

Insulation is crucial in minimizing heat loss in a home. Installing insulation materials, such as blown insulation, spray foam insulation and rigid insulation boards, helps keep heated air inside the house. This enables the building to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and promotes energy savings on utility bills.

Maintenance and Repairs

Good roof repairs require skill and experience, especially in winter when the weather conditions can be unforgiving. Stewart Roofing has a specialized repair team of some of Ottawa’s best roofing tradesmen. 

Whether fixing leaks or addressing any other issues, their team is equipped to handle repairs promptly and effectively, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

Regular maintenance can help maintain your Ottawa roofs quality during the entire winter season. Issues such as roofing tears, leaks, or damage to the shingles can be prevented with proper maintenance. 

Inspecting the building’s roofing cautiously is necessary to recognize any potential problem areas, such as damaged flashings, sagging gutter systems, or cracked tiles. Ignoring any problems usually leads to much bigger issues down the road.

Proper Snow and Ice Removal For Ottawa Roofs

Snow and ice buildup on Ottawa roofs can seriously threaten their integrity. Stewart Roofing understands the importance of properly removing snow and ice to prevent damage. Ottawa Roofs. Two Men Shoveling High Heavy Snow From A House Roof.

They have the experience and equipment to safely and efficiently clear roofs of excessive snow and ice, ensuring that weight does not accumulate and cause structural problems.

Removing the buildup of snow from the roof serves a dual purpose of reducing the burden that can cause structural damage and preventing the occurrence of ice dams, which can cause leaks and damage the home’s interior. 

In some cases, unique equipment such as snow blowers, shovels, or brooms can remove the snow while preventing damage to the roof’s surface.


Ottawa roofs face a unique challenge during winter, as they must withstand heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. However, with the expertise and services provided by professional roofing companies like Stewart Roofing, homeowners can rest assured that their roofs are well-equipped to handle these conditions. 

Ottawa roofs can endure the icy dance of winter season after season by using quality materials, ensuring proper insulation, and providing timely maintenance and repairs.

If you would like to learn more about how Stewart Roofing handles winter roofing challenges or need assistance with roofing needs, contact us today to get started.

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