Overcoming Well-established Roofing Challenges

Your roof is arguably the most crucial element of your home – it stands strong in the face of diverse weather conditions, birds, and all-natural elements to safeguard your living spaces and protect you. 

However, the inevitable wear and tear comes with that incredible responsibility, leading to various roofing issues. At Stewart Roofing, we’ve been solving Ottawa homeowners’ roofing problems for over 30 years and want to teach you about common roofing problems and their solutions.

Roof Leaks

Without a doubt, roof leaks are one of the most frequent issues homeowners face. They can occur for numerous reasons – cracked or missing shingles, damaged flashings, or even a hole from anRoofing leaks in room from damaged roof. errant tree branch. 

Over time, these leaks can lead to substantial water damage, such as mould growth, staining or peeling paint, and even structural damage.

Solution: Routine inspections, particularly after severe weather, can help catch roof leaks early. Conducting regular maintenance to ensure debris like leaves and branches are cleared from the roof, and gutters can also minimize the risk of leaks developing. 

If you discover a water stain on your ceiling or walls, don’t delay—seek professional help from a reliable roofing service provider who can identify the source of the leak and repair the affected area to prevent further damage.

Roofing Damaged Shingles

Shingles act as a protective barrier for your roof. However, due to harsh weather conditions like high winds, heavy rains, hail, and even the sun’s UV rays, shingles can crack, curl, lose their granules, or even blow off entirely. 

These issues can compromise your roof’s protective function, leaving it prone to moisture infiltration and subsequent damage.

Solution: The damaged shingles must be replaced immediately to avoid further damage. A roofing professional can thoroughly inspect and effectively replace any damaged or missing shingles. 

Sometimes, consider upgrading to more durable and weather-resistant options like architectural or premium shingles.

Repetitive Ice Dam Formation

In the colder months, warmth from the house can cause snow on the roof to melt and then refreeze on the colder eaves, creating ice dams. This blocks proper water runoff, leading to potential leaks, roof damage and potential gutter system damage. 

In some cases, the weight of the ice dam could even strain the roof’s structural integrity.

Solution: The best defence against ice dams is proper roof and attic insulation and ventilation. This reduces heat loss, minimizing the temperature differential that facilitates ice dam formation. 

Additionally, installing heating cables along the eaves can help mitigate ice dam formation and improve the drainage of melting snow. It’s a good idea to consult a roofing professional for an assessment and to implement effective prevention measures.

Ponding Water

A common problem, especially for flat roofs, ponding water can be caused by poor drainage or even structural issues. This prolonged water accumulation can eventually seep into your home, causing damage to the roof materials, insulation, and even the interior of your home.

Solution: Prompt water removal and rectifying the drainage or levelling problem can solve this issue. Consult with a competent roofing company to explore the best solutions, including adjusting the roof’s slope, installing additional drains, or implementing a more efficient drainage system, such as scuppers or a sump pump. 

Additionally, a roofing professional can inspect the roof surface for any damage caused by ponding water and recommend necessary repairs or membrane replacements.

Loose or Damaged Flashing

Flashings seal off the joints and edges of the roof, protecting it from water intrusion and damage. Over timeRoofing issue with damaged metal flashing on roof., these flashings can become damaged or dislodged due to weather conditions, corrosion, or even poor installation. Loose or damaged flashing can lead to leaks and water damage when left unattended.

Solution: Regularly check and maintain your flashings, particularly around roof penetrations like chimneys, skylights, and vents. If you notice any damaged or loose flashing, a roofing professional can help seal or replace it, keeping your roof watertight and preventing potential water damage.

Structural Damage

Heavy winds, rain, or falling branches can cause significant structural damage to your roof. From simple broken shingles to more severe issues like a sagging roof, these problems can lead to further damage if not addressed. 

In the worst-case scenario, failing to address these structural issues may result in the need for a complete roof replacement.

Solution: Regular inspections, especially after severe weather, can catch problems early. Contact a roofing professional immediately for a comprehensive check and repair if you see visible structural damage. 

Trim your trees regularly to minimize the risk of damage caused by falling branches. Investing in stronger roofing materials and proper installation techniques can make the structure more resilient to harsh weather conditions.


Dealing with roofing problems can be overwhelming, but understanding these common issues and their solutions can ease stress. At Stewart Roofing, we’re here to help every step of the way. 

We offer top-rated, reliable maintenance, repairs, and installation services to ensure your roof can withstand any challenges. Keep roofing problems from getting you down. 

Contact us today for a solution you can trust. Remember that prevention and timely intervention can save you significant expenses and inconvenience in the long run.

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